Pulse Ranger

Pulse Ranger

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What is it?

A safe, realistic, structured hi-tech combat team game for any number of players.
The Pulse Ranger Challenge is an outdoor laser game using totally safe Infrared technology. The system is designed to provide exciting and challenging tasks and missions.

The games will test both your mind and your body, team games and one on one matchplay challenges will keep you on the go. The Pulse Ranger Challenge has been designed with one thing in mind - SERIOUS FUN!

Who plays the Pulse Ranger Challenge?


You will, again and again, and so will anyone who has a sense of adventure and enjoys a challenge. Man, woman, boy or girl, parent or grandparent, superfit or not. Play at the pace with which you are comfortable.

All of the games will be challenging and all of your skills will be further tested as you try to collect clues and equipment to complete a number of varied tasks whilst avoiding the booby traps and marauding members of the other team.

Whatever you choose, FUN Is the name of the PULSE RANGER CHALLENGE