Team Building with Lasersport

Team Building with Lasersport

We operate two five gun systems that can accommodate up to 60 people.

Ten teams of 6 get to know how to hit the target is a practice session followed by some secret tips to increase the number of hits.

We then run a team competition over three disciplines, SKILL SHOOT, SPEED SHOOT and RAPID FIRE; We shoot GOING AWAY, ON THE WING and OVER THE TOP and every winning team earns a UNIQUE Lasersport prize.

The team events are raucous and full of laughter, banter and whoops of joy as their team sneaks into the lead.

AND THEN SILENCE FALLS as we start the INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION for one of our HOTSHOT trophies – it always happens as an air of real competition descends on the group – and then as the heroes start to emerge the not so hot choose their favourite and the noise and banter comes back.

A Lasersport event is about 2 hours – it is particularly loved by sales and marketing teams but any group that has a Business Target will find that hitting the target is as rewarding as making a big sale.

For larger groups we offer a combo of Lasersport and Pulse Ranger with attractive discounts for hiring both. They are a great combo  - Lasersport is not a physically active event and Pulse Ranger is as active as each person decides for themselves.

Our systems are fully portable and we have just opened the box on the brand new 2017 Lasersport system, one of only three in South Africa. Brits and Hekpoort are the hoes of the other two.

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Laser Sport is South Africa's Top Team Building Event

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